10 May 2015

Free Apple watch

This special free Apple Watch provides all of the revolutionary new functionality of the real thing, but has much better battery life. Instructions: Click and open image. Print out file on 8½×11 paper. Cut out watch carefully with scissors. Use tape or glue to secure band to wrist. How to use: Pretend watch has vibrated. Look at watch. Smile smugly. Take out iPhone and look at it for the rest of the information. ... Read more

14 April 2015

On AI and Existential Risk

[Updated 2015-05-24] Discussions of the existential risk of artificial intelligence mostly center on the possible consequences of intelligence explosion. This is a hypothetical moment where a general purpose AI works out how to reprogram itself to make itself more intelligent. This leads to a feedback loop, and before long the AI is hundreds of times more intelligent than any human. This, it is imagined, leads to disaster for humanity. It’s becoming quite trendy to worry about this scenario, particularly amongst members of the rational community. ... Read more

7 April 2015

Stereo is over (if you want it)

I recently gave in and bought a boxed set of albums by The Beatles. After much thought, I bought the mono boxed set. Although modern stereo had been invented by Alan Blumlein in 1931 — including stereo microphones and stereo microgroove vinyl records — in the 1960s it was still a novelty, particularly for pop music which was generally heard via mono AM radio. Until Abbey Road in 1969, all of The Beatles’ albums were recorded and mixed in mono. ... Read more

25 March 2015

Pager romance

7734 hello 14 hi 193 miss me? 123 i miss you 143 i love you 423 call me 77 friends forever 477 best friends forever 345987 i’m horny 42 fuck me 43 fuck you 7735 sellout 606 bitch 304 hoe 7 just kidding 303 stop playing 99 night night 45 goodnight 56 sweet dreams 35006*17715 silly goose From a list of 1990s teen beeper codes found in an article in Harper’s magazine. ... Read more

22 March 2015

BitTorrent Sync

Once upon a time, there was a great product called BitTorrent Sync. It allowed you to sync files between your devices — computers, phones and tablets; Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS and Android. It was released as a free preview in 2013. It wasn’t open source, but developers said: Never say never :) We still consider this option. The software used strong end-to-end encryption, so your files couldn’t be snooped on in transit or grabbed from a central server. ... Read more

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