9 September 2014

Colorado part 2: Boulder and mountains

We got a good deal on a rental car, and planned to drive to Boulder and up into the mountains. The car was from Hertz, and came with their GPS system “NeverLost”. Its software is terrible, mostly because the system doesn’t respond quickly enough to anything. For example, if you miss a turn into a side street, it will recalculate — and then tell you to take the next suitable street, which we had invariably passed by the time it finished working out what to do next. ... Read more

9 September 2014

The Limits to Growth

Having read about the Club of Rome and The Limits to Growth, and seen articles claiming that it turned out to be hopelessly wrong, I’ve decided to check for myself. Not that I’m paranoid, but the people who claim LtG was wrong tend to be the same people who claim anthropogenic climate change is a myth — that is, people who are often prepared to be economical with the truth. ... Read more

7 September 2014

Colorado part 1: Denver and art

I think I was about 10 years old when I decided I wanted to visit Colorado. I had read about a city called Boulder, where you could spend a warm and sunny morning in town and then drive an hour or so and be on a snow-covered mountain. I had never experienced an actual mountain, and that sounded like a good way to do it. In the mean time, I’ve had 15 years of South Park to mould my perceptions of Colorado. ... Read more

3 September 2014


Someone should build a web site where you select a bunch of options: Dynamic or static? Strongly or weakly typed? Functional or OO? Block markers or semantic whitespace? Automatic or manual memory allocation? UTF-8 or legacy crap? What index is the first element of an array? Immutable or mutable variables? …and click a button, and it spits out a skeleton programming language for you. Some days it seems like someone must already have done so. ... Read more

3 September 2014

Challenge yourself

I’ve got this brilliant game I play with myself. When we go on vacation, I hide a hard drive full of backup data. Then when we get home, I have to try and find the fucking thing.

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