3 June 2014

A Swift look through Apple programming language history

So, Apple has a new dynamic programming language, confusingly given the same name as an existing programming language. Let’s look at some of Apple’s past experiments in programming language development, to see how this might turn out. 1987: Apple launches HyperTalk, a dynamic object-oriented programming language for rapid application development. After HyperCard’s inventor left Apple, the company lost interest, and eventually Steve Jobs killed the project in 1998, so it never made it to OS X. ... Read more

28 May 2014

Extreme keyboard geekery

I bought a new keyboard for my work computer. Let me tell you about it. There are a lot of “ergonomic” keyboards out there. They tend to have fancy shapes: However, over the decades I’ve come to the conclusion that the precise shape of the keyboard is relatively unimportant. What’s absolutely critical is the feel of the keys. The “free” keyboard you get with a generic PC these days is usually a full-travel membrane keyboard. ... Read more

27 May 2014

Quote of the week

“As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.” — Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher winning hearts and minds

27 May 2014

The ongoing conversation

“It’s a shame we’ll never know why he did it.” “Well, he made all those posts on PUA and MRA forums about hating women and wanting to kill them…” “Yes, but it’s a shame we’ll never know why he did it. I guess he was just crazy.” “…and he made those ranting videos about hating women and wanting to kill them…” “But we’ll never know why he did it. I guess he was just crazy. ... Read more

19 May 2014

Health Kick: Conclusion

So, that’s my story. I cut my sugar to under the AHA recommended level. I increased my fat intake and aimed for the upper end of the recommended daily intake, so the food I ate would cause less glycemic load and keep me satisfied for longer. I switched to whole grain for pretty much everything, and started eating quinoa, flaxseed and nuts. I ate as much raw or lightly-cooked food as possible, even if it meant turning it into a smoothie. ... Read more

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