9 May 2014

FiveFingers of love

So, Vibram have settled a class-action lawsuit accusing them of making health claims that weren’t scientifically justified. Deadspin had a snotty post which linked to a scientific study which summarizes the situation quite nicely: While performance benefits may exist, injury may also occur from the added stress of running without the benefit of cushioning under the foot. […] Conclusion: Runners interested in transitioning to minimalist running shoes, such as Vibram FiveFingers should transition very slowly and gradually in order to avoid potential stress injury in the foot. ... Read more

30 April 2014

Wait, who?

Some quotes from John R. Bolton: 1994: “…there is no United Nations… there is an international community that occasionally can be led by the only real power left in the world, and that´s the United States, when it suits our interests, and when we can get others to go along.” 2001: “Beyond al Qaeda, the most serious concern is Iraq. Iraq’s biological weapons program remains a serious threat to international security. ... Read more

30 April 2014


In the mailbox today: The Oriental Trading “fun&faith” catalog, full of Christian-themed party crafts, toys and gifts for Bible camp. Now, I fully recognize that there’s a need for decorate-your-own cross kits, religious jewelry pieces, Jesus diorama materials and the like, but this catalog has some seriously weird stuff in it. There’s a whole section on the Agents of Truth, a secret undercover spy Bible study school, complete with top secret prayer box, active duty badge, and special agent for god vest (bulletproof? ... Read more

26 April 2014

BitTorrent Sync

Today Forbes has an article about how BitTorrent Sync is taking off. I’ve been using it since the beta was opened up, and I’m very impressed. I run it on my phone. When I take a photo or record a movie, it sits in the DCIM folders (the name is part of the DCF standards for digital cameras). When the phone finds my home network, Sync automatically does a 1-way read-only sync of all the camera files to my Mac and my home server. ... Read more

25 April 2014


Dear Google, now that you’ve gotten rid of Vic Gundotra and you’re disassembling his empire, here are my suggestions for how to reverse some of the damage he caused: No more nymwars because of his real names policy. By all means collect people’s real names, but let them decide how their names are displayed publicly. You know, like they do socially in the real world. Turn Google Local back into a search engine and local directory, like it was before you decided to try and use it to promote Google+ and everyone stopped using it. ... Read more

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