6 April 2014

Why I bought a Mac (again)

While I use Linux for my day-to-day work, I have given in and purchased another Mac for my personal computing. I’m not wild about supporting Apple financially. They are horrible patent trolls, they are openly hostile to free software, their hardware is overpriced and cannot be upgraded, and their main interest these days is iOS. And yet at the same time, my new MacBook Pro is a beautiful piece of hardware. ... Read more

4 April 2014

No Champagne, thanks

One of the developers to pull their app from the Firefox web app store has this to say: I met with Brendan and asked him to just apologize for the discrimination under the law that we faced. He can still keep his personal beliefs, but I wanted him to recognize that we faced real issues with immigration and say that he never intended to cause people problems. It’s heartbreaking to us that he was unwilling to say even that. ... Read more

3 April 2014

Apparently the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet

IM chat just now: Scott: When are they installing the solar system? mathew: What? Scott: You still putting solar panels on your house? mathew: Oh, right. I was thinking cosmos. Scott: that is funny mathew: Like, that was installed tens of millions of years ago when the sun cooled. Scott: imagine all the permits that would be needed now mathew: “I’m sorry, you can’t build rings around Saturn, they’re not in keeping with the neighboring planets. ... Read more

3 April 2014

Mozilla selects new CTO

The Mozilla Organization today sought to provide further support to beleaguered CEO Brendan Eich, who has been facing criticism over his donation of $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage. Mozilla announced that Eich will now be joined by a new Chief Technical Officer, the rotting corpse of Fred Phelps. “Yes, technically he’s dead,” admitted Mozilla HR director Ian Competenza, “But that means his offensive actions are all in the past, and must therefore be forgotten. ... Read more

30 March 2014

ICANN, Freedom™ and Apple Pie®

[Note: This was submitted to RISKS digest but rejected.] A WSJ op-ed quoted in RISKS digest: This means, effective next year, the U.S. will no longer oversee the “root zone file,” which contains all names and addresses for websites world-wide. If authoritarian regimes in Russia, China and elsewhere get their way, domains could be banned and new ones not approved for meddlesome groups such as Ukrainian-independence organizations or Tibetan human-rights activists. ... Read more

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