11 March 2014

Best pen ever

If you share my unhealthy obsession with office supplies, but you’re still using a Pilot V5/V7 or G2, then you really ought to try the Sanford uni-ball Jetstream. Experts agree, it’s the best everyday pen around. It has taken over from the uni-ball Gel RT as my pen of choice, and the Gel RT had long replaced the Pilot V5 in my affections. (Signo 207? Don’t talk to me about the Signo 207. ... Read more

10 March 2014

New site design

I’ve just deployed a brand new site design. The new theme is Hexa by Automattic. I think it’s a big improvement, given my new link-heavy content strategy™, but let me know if you notice any problems. I’m not wild about the hidden-ness of the menus and search (check out the hexagons top right), but I can probably fix that when I have some spare time.

9 March 2014

Time and energy wasting time

Once again it’s that time when we have to adjust dozens of clocks in the devices in our homes, in the pointless exercise in government stupidity known as Daylight Saving Time. A few things to remember: Farmers don’t like it, and a number of recent studies suggest that it wastes energy. Even those who believe it saves some energy, like California’s energy utilities, generally conclude that having DST all year would save more energy than changing the clocks twice a year. ... Read more

9 March 2014

SXSW Interactive Gaming Expo

As usual, I went to the free SXSW Interactive Gaming Expo this year, and here’s my report. I should warn up front that (a) I don’t really play FPS games except for Team Fortress 2, and (b) I don’t do Microsoft, so if you’re a hardcore Windows gamer, this is probably not the report you are looking for. Nintendo had teamed up with the Video Game Museum for a small exhibit on the history of (mostly Nintendo) video games. ... Read more

5 March 2014

Great moments in US intelligence

« U.S. intelligence estimates conclude that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. […] A senior U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast that the timing of the military exercise, coming only days after the Ukrainian parliament voted to oust the pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was suspicious. But nonetheless, U.S. intelligence agencies have collected no information suggesting the training exercises were preparation for an invasion. » — 2014-02-27 « Behind the scenes, Obama administration officials are preparing a series of possible battle plans for a potential economic assault on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, an administration source close to the issue told The Daily Beast. ... Read more

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