19 November 2012

Nexus 10 first impressions

It’s significantly lighter than the first gen iPad. The screen is fantastic. Unlike the original ‘iPad with retina display’, there’s no visible wobble when you scroll sideways. The back is firm, with a pleasing rubbery texture, and the edges are rounded enough not to cut into your hands. The glass is Gorilla Glass, so I’m thinking I won’t need any kind of case or protector other than a soft carry case for when I take it out of the house. ... Read more

10 November 2012

The “Oh really?” factor

First of all, this is not an article about why the Republicans lost. The answer to that question is pretty obvious, and they know it; they’ve painted themselves into a corner as the party of angry scared old straight white misogynist guys. That’s a very narrow demographic that’s dying out rapidly. No, this is an article about why the Republicans didn’t realize they were losing, and reacted with such anger and shock when reality hit them on election night. ... Read more

5 November 2012


The problem I love music, so I’ve got a lot of CDs. I don’t want to have a lot of CDs, though, because they take up space. While I appreciate cover art and read liner notes, I find that I don’t ever hunt down a CD to gaze at the artwork or read the notes — I’m more likely to look for information about it on the Internet. So, for a while now I’ve been considering ditching the CDs and going digital only. ... Read more

21 October 2012

Amazing Week, Day 7: Quartz timekeeping

My first watch was a Timex. It looked like this: It was crap, to be honest. If I remembered to wind it and set it in the morning when I got up, it would generally be no more than a minute or two wrong by the end of the day. A few years later, watching Tomorrow’s World on TV, I heard about a new technology: quartz crystal watches. In a quartz clock, electrical current is applied to a crystal of quartz. ... Read more

20 October 2012

Amazing Week, Day 6: Digital cameras

My dad was very into photography. He had several SLRs, and even a Mamiya 645 medium format camera for a while. Inevitably I got interested in cameras too, and before long I had one of these: Here I am using it: The big problem with film cameras, from the point of view of learning to take photos, is that it can be weeks between taking the photo and seeing how it turned out. ... Read more

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