25 January 2012

Dodging issues the Ron Paul way

I’ve come to realize that Ron Paul’s rhetorical positioning is extremely clever, in that it allows him to appeal to both sides of many issues. To put it another way, he is able to take a theoretical stand against bad things while advocating policies that would lead directly to them. Consider racism, for example. Ron Paul believes that the Civil Rights Act should never have been passed. He thinks that companies and individuals should be free to be as racist as they like. ... Read more

11 January 2012

LA Noire review

It was just another treacherous night in the big city when I opened the “LA Noire” case. You doubtless saw the headlines—big name publisher picks up well reviewed game from independent studio. There was another story I was interested in, though. According to the police files, there had been accusations of appalling working conditions, and the whole shebang had been deep sixed a few months later in mysterious circumstances. That left me with a few loose ends to tie up. ... Read more

5 January 2012

Google+ is going to mess up the Internet, says someone who really hates Google+

Back in December, Jon Mitchell wrote a post about a week of jury duty. He posted it to his personal web site, posted it on readwriteweb.com, and posted it on Google+. Around ten days later, he did a Google search for ‘Jon Mitchell jury duty’, and discovered that the Google+ postings of the article were being ranked higher than the ReadWriteWeb copy. For some reason this made him angry, so he wrote a posting on Google+ accusing Google+ of being sleazy. ... Read more

1 January 2012

Wrong Paul

With the current focus on Ron Paul’s newsletters and his claim that he was unaware of their content or did not approve of it (yeah, right), I thought it would be educational to take a look at quotes from articles explicitly written by Ron Paul himself. Ron Paul defends a gay person’s freedom — unless it’s the freedom to get married, in which case he thinks federal interference in your personal life is just fine: ... Read more

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