12 March 2012

Technology and morality

The New Republic recently carried an interesting article about Apple (the full text may be available via Readability). The piece started out as a review of the Steve Jobs biography (ho hum), but soon diverged into a discussion of the morality of design. It helped me to crystallize some thoughts. There’s a famous anecdote about how Steve Jobs spent weeks making his family discuss what they wanted from their washing machine. ... Read more

7 March 2012

Root of all evil

There’s no root of all evil these days. You’re supposed to create an EvilContextFactory to obtain an initial EvilContext, use that to get an EvilEnumeration, and then iterate through the EvilBindings in a thread-safe manner.

3 March 2012

Steam in a box?

As you’ve noticed from my postings about Apple, I don’t believe in locked-down hardware. People have asked me what I do about video game consoles. My answer is that I buy them, even though they are locked down, because there’s no good alternative. Yes, there’s PC gaming, but then you’re financially supporting the Microsoft empire, and that’s even worse. Plus there are the endless DRM and driver problems, the software updates, the periodic reinstalls, and all the other things that make Windows miserable. ... Read more

2 March 2012

Regarding Rush Limbaugh and contraception

Rush Limbaugh’s comments on contraception have shown that he doesn’t understand how people respond to basic economic situations. The contraceptive pill is something you have to take every day. You don’t only use it when you have sex. So if you think you might have sex once, you need to go on the pill and stay on it. This means that the cost of contraceptive pills purchased by the user is what economists call a sunk cost. ... Read more

20 February 2012

Death of the Mac: The smoking gun

Some people are still convinced that OS X being jailed by default is not a sign of evil intent on Apple’s part. So here’s some more commentary around the topic. “If Apple really wanted to restrict all app distribution to the app store, why did they come up with this Gatekeeper system?” Because right now, there are a lot of applications that can’t be placed on the App Store because of Apple’s rules, as well as the technical restrictions such as sandboxing. ... Read more

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