27 October 2017

Scoble and #MeToo

So, that #MeToo hashtag and the associated drama. I saw a call for men to write about it, but I didn’t really know what to say. Then Robert Scoble just came along and posted a memo regarding sexual harassment allegations against him, and boy were there some things I wanted to say after reading that… Though Scoble’s memo is the starting point, many of the comments could be addressed to countless other men in the tech industry. ... Read more

2 September 2017


Over the last few months I’ve seen many articles breaking down which organizations make up the “alt-right”. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any articles attempting to break down who’s in antifa. Instead, antifa has often been treated by the US media as if it’s some sort of grassroots political movement like Occupy Wall Street, or a protest movement with a set of demands like Black Lives Matter. The far right have leveraged this misunderstanding, and attempted to portray antifa as communist, Marxist, genocidal, and anything else they think will stick. ... Read more

29 August 2017

AI-generated porn movie titles

At the weekend I took a neural network and fed it 1.7MB of porn movie titles to learn from. Then, I asked it to think up some new porn movie titles. Here are selected results. ... Read more

17 August 2017

On statues

“Yeah, well, where will it end? Should we get rid of statues of…” Yes. Just yes. Whoever you’re about to name, if getting rid of their statue is the price you’re going demand before we can get rid of statues of racist slaveowners, then I’ll pay that price. Go ahead and name someone. George Washington, MLK, Abraham Lincoln – if you’re that determined to see their statues gone before we remove statues of Confederate traitors, I’ll accede to your demands, because I don’t need a statue in order to admire or remember someone. ... Read more

31 July 2017

Shatners Toupee

I didn’t post this filk when I wrote it, because I felt it was a bit mean. However, he’s now managed to thoroughly milkshake duck himself, so here goes… I remember the year the show began The bridge crew had a woman named Uhura who was black Spock put his fingers around Van Gelder’s ears And it wasn’t too much later that a rock was talking back I remember the alien menagerie where they crowned the king of Ceti Alpha ... Read more

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