2 March 2012

Regarding Rush Limbaugh and contraception

Rush Limbaugh’s comments on contraception have shown that he doesn’t understand how people respond to basic economic situations. The contraceptive pill is something you have to take every day. You don’t only use it when you have sex. So if you think you might have sex once, you need to go on the pill and stay on it. This means that the cost of contraceptive pills purchased by the user is what economists call a sunk cost. ... Read more

20 February 2012

Death of the Mac: The smoking gun

Some people are still convinced that OS X being jailed by default is not a sign of evil intent on Apple’s part. So here’s some more commentary around the topic. “If Apple really wanted to restrict all app distribution to the app store, why did they come up with this Gatekeeper system?” Because right now, there are a lot of applications that can’t be placed on the App Store because of Apple’s rules, as well as the technical restrictions such as sandboxing. ... Read more

16 February 2012

Macintosh RIP: 1984–2012

OS X is now no longer Mac OS X. The Mac is dead. Meanwhile, the next release of OS X will, by default, refuse to allow unsigned code to run. As I predicted, Lion was the last unlocked OS X, and OS X Mountain Lion ships jailed, like iOS. And good luck selling your software if it requires turning off the ‘security’ of GateKeeper; never mind that the OS X malware threat is practically nonexistent. ... Read more

5 February 2012

Apple’s great GPL purge

[Updated 2014-02-23 with figures for 10.7 and 10.8. The purge continues. Anyone still think it’s coincidence?] Apple obligingly allows you to browse and download the open source software they use in OS X. Since they have listings for each version of OS X, I decided to take a look at how much software they were using that was only available under the GNU public license. The results are illuminating: 10. ... Read more

25 January 2012

Wake up, Android device manufacturers

Apple’s Q4 results were its best ever. They even managed to claw back some marketshare from Android. This should be a loud wakeup call for Android device manufacturers. I’ve been an Android user for a couple of years now, but let me say that there are some areas where Apple wins hands down. Choice Too much choice is a bad thing. I like that Android has phones with and without keyboards, phones in a variety of sizes, and so on. ... Read more

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