1 September 2011

Video game fight: inFAMOUS vs [Prototype]

Every now and again, two video games come out at about the same time that tackle pretty much the same subject matter. (Actually, this happens all the time in first person shooters, but by and large I don’t play those.) Such was the case with [Prototype] and inFAMOUS. Both are M-rated games about becoming a superhero (or supervillain). Both have a protagonist whose origin is initially obscure and whose morality is questionable. ... Read more

27 August 2011

Texas weather

It’s so dry, even the bamboo is dying. I saw clouds overhead the other day, and wondered why nobody was seeding them to get rain. Then I remembered Rick Perry’s praying for rain. Then I thought: Why not combine the two? Take Rick Perry up in a plane and throw him out, and have him pray on the way down.

9 August 2011

AAA++ would invest again

I’d like to see someone corner one of the S&P weasels on camera and ask: “So, recalling that all those toxic assets that crashed were rated AAA by your company… you’re saying that the US economy is in worse shape than that?”

6 August 2011

Thoughts on political discussion

Or: How to have a political discussion that doesn’t devolve into a screaming match — some rules for all participants to follow. Know the difference between a fact and an opinion. “Corporate profits are higher now than ever before” is a fact that can be demonstrated by referring to data. “Handgun ownership leads to increased crime” is an opinion; trends in data are not consistent, and proving causality is problematic given the number of other factors that vary. ... Read more

3 August 2011

If you want to learn about history, watch Monty Python

One thing that always gets me about Monty Python’s movies is their historical accuracy. No, really. Yes, they are comedy, and yes there are ridiculous situations. But the Python team always played their comedy straight, and part of that was placing everything in a context full of accurate detail. For example, consider medieval combat. The Hollywood version has people running around, leaping onto horses, swords clashing at high speed, and so on. ... Read more

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