19 May 2011

Idea for the 21st Century: Online persona franchising

There are a number of people working in Open Source who have spent a lot of time developing a very distinctive and famous (or infamous) online persona. I’m thinking here of people like Theo de Raadt, Zed Shaw, Giles Bowkett, and so on. So why don’t they cash in on this brand equity with a franchising scheme? Imagine it. Every major programming language could have its own licensed Zed Shaw. Every developer forum could have a local Giles Bowkett franchisee, giving the real Giles more time for coding. ... Read more

18 May 2011

T-Mobile letter reply received

Got a reply from Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He cited federal anti-trust laws, and that he supported their enforcement. So I’m thinking that means he thinks the merger should go ahead, on the grounds that the federal government will watch over AT&T’s behavior afterwards so it’s OK.

29 April 2011

T-Mobile Rebel Alliance update

The FCC have announced the docket numbers for their consideration of the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile: Interested parties must file petitions to deny no later than May 31, 2011. Persons and entities that file petitions to deny become parties to the proceeding. They may participate fully in the proceeding, including seeking access to any confidential information that may be filed under a protective order, seeking reconsideration of decisions, and filing appeals of a final decision to the courts. ... Read more

23 April 2011

RIP Black Tip

Our sick squirrel friend was spotted out front, under the fig tree, around mid-day. We looked for him when we got home, but couldn’t find him until just now. At some point in the afternoon he apparently came back to our back deck, settled in his makeshift nest of leaves under the steps, went to sleep, and never woke up. Somehow I had always assumed that he would disappear one day and not be seen again, or that we’d find him flattened by a car–but I guess he was too smart for that. ... Read more

23 April 2011

Black Tip update

Black Tip the squirrel is still alive. We tried a small mammal trap for several days; after his first exploration, he wouldn’t go into it. Then yesterday he was so slow that I tried chasing him and throwing a box over him, but he put on an amazing turn of speed and escaped into next door’s yard. After that, we decided to give up trying to catch him and euthanize him. ... Read more

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