7 October 2011


“You have that English accent and well groomed appearance which always lures me into thinking that you’re incapable of crudity. You’re like a dick joke ninja.” — Fred Scott

6 October 2011

Steve Jobs

At the risk of sounding like a Mac hipster, I was a Mac user before it became fashionable. For 20+ years I’ve used Macs, even staying with the company during the 1990s when it looked like Apple was about to collapse. In the house at the moment are four iPods, two Macs, an AppleTV, and an iPad. You might think that I would be joining in with the collective outpourings of grief. ... Read more

4 October 2011


Who is this person named Tony Baloney? Why is his facial expression so stony? Is he really a cop, or is he a phony? Does he ride a police horse, or is it a pony? Who is this person named Tony Baloney? What do we know about Tony Baloney? He’s not all that fat, but he’s not all that bony. Is his TV a Samsung, or maybe a Sony? Does he like a plain hot dog, or favor a Coney? ... Read more

28 September 2011

Movie review: Insomnia / Insomnia

I don’t often watch movies back-to-back with the American remakes. However, I failed to see Insomnia in its original Norwegian incarnation, and since the US version was directed by Christopher Nolan (who had previously directed the excellent Memento), I decided to watch both versions in one week. Both are good movies. If you hate subtitles, feel free to watch the remake; it’s a perfectly good adaptation, taking into account Hollywood’s sensibilities–which I shall now proceed to discuss, with the aid of copious spoilers, so you have been warned. ... Read more

24 September 2011

Can we have some sanity on the inhaler story please?

Right now, the US press is full of stories about how asthma sufferers are going to be bankrupted because Barack Obama’s EPA has banned cheap asthma inhalers containing CFCs, in order to benefit big pharma. Being asthmatic, I happen to know something about this subject. First off, the OTC inhalers which are no longer going to be available are pure epinephrine inhalers. Doctors in most countries don’t even prescribe those any more; they prefer other drugs, the most common of which is salbutamol or albuterol, sold under the famous brand name Ventolin. ... Read more

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