17 September 2011

Quick quiz: Texenza

Texenza is: A “natural male enhancement” pill for cowboys. The stage name of a Houston stripper. A credenza with long horns decorating the sides. A chain of Austin coffee shops. All of the above.

15 September 2011


The new PS3 software update includes a change to the Terms of Service. The new agreement states that you waive the right to ever sue Sony in a class-action lawsuit, then says: RIGHT TO OPT OUT OF BINDING ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER WITHIN 30 DAYS. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THE BINDING ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER IN THIS SECTION 15, YOU MUST NOTIFY SNEI IN WRITING WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE DATE THAT YOU ACCEPT THIS AGREEMENT. ... Read more

1 September 2011

T-Mobile Rebel Alliance update #2

Let’s talk about T-Mobile again… So the AT&T takeover is blocked, right? No. The US Department of Justice has requested that the takeover be blocked, citing the Sherman Antitrust Act and related provisions of US law. While it is possible that the courts will block the takeover, it is by no means certain. So AT&T will fight the decision in court? Almost certainly. They agreed to pay $3 billion in cash to T-Mobile’s current owners, Deutsche Telekom, if the deal didn’t go through. ... Read more

1 September 2011

Video game fight: inFAMOUS vs [Prototype]

Every now and again, two video games come out at about the same time that tackle pretty much the same subject matter. (Actually, this happens all the time in first person shooters, but by and large I don’t play those.) Such was the case with [Prototype] and inFAMOUS. Both are M-rated games about becoming a superhero (or supervillain). Both have a protagonist whose origin is initially obscure and whose morality is questionable. ... Read more

27 August 2011

Texas weather

It’s so dry, even the bamboo is dying. I saw clouds overhead the other day, and wondered why nobody was seeding them to get rain. Then I remembered Rick Perry’s praying for rain. Then I thought: Why not combine the two? Take Rick Perry up in a plane and throw him out, and have him pray on the way down.

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