26 July 2011

Learning from the Google+ suspensions

With all the anger over the Google+ mass suspensions, I’ve seen quite a few people post that they’re going elsewhere. Rainyday Superstar has suggested that she might go use Tumblr more. Other people are talking about Diaspora, DreamWidth, even (gag!) staying with Facebook. I think those people are all failing to see the big picture. Google’s behavior towards its users is a surprise only because we’ve come to expect better from Google. ... Read more

25 July 2011

Relax and enjoy your shoes

People who have worked with me in the past will be aware that I’ve never been a big fan of shoes. For pretty much my whole professional career I would arrive at the office, take off my shoes, and wear just socks for most of the day. It helped that at my first post-graduation job, my manager went a step further and was barefoot most of the day. I’ve always felt that if we were meant to wear shoes indoors, we wouldn’t spend money on carpet. ... Read more

20 July 2011

RPM/yum 2011 suck update

RPM and yum decided to install a 32 bit kernel on a 64 bit system. I don’t know why, because they didn’t do so on an identically configured server that was its clustermate. This rendered the system unbootable. Once I’d gotten someone to power cycle it, I went in and removed the 32 bit kernels. This made RPM remove all the initrd images that had been set up for the 32 bit kernel. ... Read more

18 July 2011

Google+ name policy: three seven fatuous arguments

Following the discussion of Google’s profile name policy, I see some ridiculous arguments crop up with tedious regularity. “It’s to stop spam.” Looking at my spam folder, it’s full of mail from spammers with autogenerated fake names that would pass Google’s smell test: “Denese Mozelle”, “Adrien Lavona”, “Mohammad Alitahir”, “Letisha Lorri”, “Kelli Thomas”, and so on. If you don’t understand how trivially easy it is to bulk generate plausible WASPy names for spamming Google+, ask any programmer. ... Read more

13 July 2011

How to organize your circles in Google+

Limbo: famous people who you follow, but they’re not going to follow you back. Lust: discussion of sexual topics. Gluttony: discussion of food, recipes, restaurants. Greed: people interested in business and finance topics. Anger: technology and web sites, and other things that make you rage. Heresy: discussion of religion. Violence: friends who play video games Fraud: political debate. Treachery: personal gossip about your social group. (With thanks to Dante Alighieri and Evan Cordes. ... Read more

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