29 July 2017

Tesla Model 3

C|net has the numbers comparing the Tesla Model 3 to the Chevy Bolt. Everyone has pictures. My thoughts: Spec-wise, the Tesla is broadly comparable to the Chevy Bolt. I wasn’t expecting them to be so similar in raw numbers. I love minimalism, but that Tesla interior is just ugly. I could live with it if there was a head-up display, but there isn’t. The Bolt’s interior could use some simplification, but I think I prefer it. ... Read more

24 July 2017

A bold new Democratic agenda

Democrats have announced what they describe as a “fresh vision”. Let’s run through the three first planks of this “bold approach”. 1. Break up consolidated corporate power The new vision: The Better Deal agenda takes several swings at reversing this trend. The first is through new federal merger standards that would put the onus on corporations to prove that their merger wouldn’t make the economy less competitive, rather than on the government to show why it would. ... Read more

16 July 2017

The Watergate speedrun

As the Trump regime continues its attempt at a Watergate speedrun, here’s a timeless article found in the LA Times and other newspapers, circa 1973, written by Art Buchwald: WASHINGTON — These are difficult times for people who are defending the Nixon Administration. No matter where they go they are attacked by pseudo-liberals, McGovern lovers, heterosexual constitutionalists, and paranoid John Dean believers. As a public service, I am printing instant responses for loyal Nixonites when they are attacked at a party. ... Read more

11 June 2017

How to spot an invert

Back in 1980 the CIA published a now-declassified 4-page memo on Homosexual Investigations. Since it’s Pride Month, I decided to OCR the document for ease of reading, as it’s an amazing historical artifact from the fairly recent past. So, without further ado, here’s the CIA’s introduction to investigating and recognizing homosexuals… Doc 5 Rev Date 21 Apr 80 By 025251 Orig comp OPI 31 Type 30 Orig Class M Pages 4 Rev Class U ... Read more

27 May 2017

A parakeet's tale

People often say that their pets chose them, rather than the other way around. It’s literally true that Lola chose me. We were in the pet store wanting to get a second budgerigar, now that our first was tame and settled. They had a cage with some hand-raised budgies in. They opened the cage door, and I put my hand out, palm up, just inside the cage. Most of the birds edged away, but one small green budgie walked right over without hesitating, and jumped up onto my hand. ... Read more

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