8 August 2010

Bring back the Feast of Fools

…At least, medieval Christianity understood. For most of the year it preached solemnity, order, restraint, fellowship, earnestness, a love of God, and sexual decorum—and then, at New Year’s, it unleashed the festum fatuorum, the feast of fools, and for several days the world was upside down. Clergy played dice on the altar, brayed like donkeys instead of saying “Amen,” had drinking competitions in the nave, farted to the Ave Maria, and delivered spoof sermons based on parodies of the Gospels (The Gospel According to the Chicken’s Arse, perhaps, or The Gospel According to Luke’s Toenail). ... Read more

7 August 2010

Home improvements part 2: Guttering

As mentioned in part one, it rains heavily in Austin. I noticed during the first couple of winters that water would pour in sheets off of the front and back roofs, and pound onto the steps up to the decks. It wasn’t long before the paint in the splash zones peeled away. I sanded down, primed, and repainted, and a year later it had been pounded away again. The problem wasn’t hard to diagnose: the house had no guttering, and the shape of the roof was basically funneling water towards the deck roofs, and hence to the decks themselves–and particularly the steps. ... Read more

7 August 2010

Home improvements part 1: New deck

It occurred to me that I haven’t written about the epic home improvement odyssey we’ve been on for the last few months. The story really started in the fall of 2005, a few months after we bought the house. When it rains in Austin, it really rains. You can hear what a typical storm sounds like by downloading a recording I made. (It’s binaural, so listen with headphones for full effect. ... Read more

4 August 2010

Android is #1

NPD reports that Android is now the #1 platform for smartphones in the US. 33% Android, 28% BlackBerry, 22% iPhone. And that’s including iPhone 4 pre-orders. Meanwhile, Nielsen confirms that Android has beaten iPhone, though they have Android still lagging slightly behind BlackBerry: Canalys have a slightly different spin on the same result, citing Android’s 886% YTY growth rate. Fanboys on MacWorld (who should just give in and rename themselves iPhoneWorld) have been desperately saying that the iPhone 4 is going to turn things around any moment now. ... Read more

27 July 2010

A lie from Apple

Apple writes: The new Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer. That’s a pretty blatant lie. The FingerWorks iGesture pad was a multi-touch trackpad designed to work with Mac desktop computers (as well as Linux and Windows machines). You can still see some web pages about it at http://www.fingerworks.com/gesture_guide.html I know this because I have one, purchased before Apple bought FingerWorks. ... Read more

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