23 June 2010

iPhone 4, SAR, and antenna contact

The iPhone 4 uses the metal edge of the phone as its antenna. This means that it’s pretty easy to make contact between the antenna and your hands. As you’ll know if you’ve ever grabbed the antenna of a TV or FM radio, the human body conducts, and can have a pretty big effect on reception. Users are now reporting that it’s true for the iPhone too. You can lose most of your signal strength by holding the phone the wrong way. ... Read more

23 June 2010

The computer for the rest of them

MacWorld has an article about the sense of disappointment and betrayal many of the old “Mac faithful” feel at Apple these days. I think it’s a bit brief and could use some expanding on. The Apple II was an open machine. Open architecture, anyone could program it. Steve Jobs wanted the Mac to be a closed appliance, but the hardware was quickly opened up as well as the software. The Mac really started to catch on once development environments like HyperCard allowed everyone to develop their own software, for free, and distribute it to anyone they liked. ... Read more

20 June 2010

1.x version of something sucks, film at 11

Jack Shedd rants about Android: Android is an asshole of an operating system. Stuck with an Android device for the last five days – the specific model of which I won’t mention because it doesn’t matter – I’ve been subjected to every inconsistency, idiocy and poor quality of thought Android has to offer. Oh, but it does matter which specific model. It matters a lot. The thing is, Android is a very young OS, and there’s a world of difference between Android 1. ... Read more

13 June 2010

Google/Android tip: Birthday reminders

If you open up Google Calendar and choose the Add link under “Other calendars” (on the left), there’s an option to “Browse Interesting Calendars”. On the Interesting Calendars page is a “More” tab. On the More tab is “Contacts’ birthdays and events”. This magic calendar contains the birthdays and anniversaries for everyone in your Google address book, which of course is synced with your Android contact list. The next step is to get reminders somewhere where you’ll see them. ... Read more

3 June 2010

Twelve fatuous arguments for the iPhone and iPad remaining jailed

1. You can just jailbreak them …except Apple holds that jailbreaking is illegal, and will not provide even hardware warranty support. 2. There will be lots of malware without the jail Mac OS X and Linux have no jail, and they have no malware problem. 3. The jail keeps out porn Add a parental lock, like the one that already exists in OS X and Safari. End of problem. 4. The jail keeps out poor quality applications ... Read more

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