10 May 2010

Android beats out iPhone

As I predicted back in January, Android has now beaten out the iPhone in market share. It’s now 7 points ahead, at 28% vs 21%. Sure, there will be a small blip when the iPhone version 4 is released. But there will also be blips for the HTC Evo 4G, the Droid Incredible, maybe even the Sony Xperia X10. The more you tighten your grip, Steve, the more users will slip through your fingers. ... Read more

9 May 2010

True urban legends

This American Life recently had a show about urban legends that might be true. The second segment, about things foreigners believe about America, was particularly poignant. It talked about the things that foreigners are told happen in America, that they can’t actually believe are true. Partly the problem is the media. My experience is that many people in Europe believe that America is the way they see it in movies and TV shows–at least as far as crime and violence are concerned. ... Read more

7 May 2010

The 70s again, through the lens of TV theme tunes

I’ve recently become somewhat fascinated by a number of 1970s TV themes. They’re not theme tunes of shows I ever watched, and not themes I remember. Rather, they’re tunes which have something odd or off-putting about them. First up: The theme from LWT’s “Weekend World”. The YouTube clip is an 80s recording, but the same music was used in the 70s too; Wikipedia tells me it’s “Nantucket Sleighride” by Mountain, and that in the 80s the show used a cover version. ... Read more

23 April 2010

Britain in the 1970s–what happened?

Once upon a time, there was a country. It had started out as loose association of battling nation-states, but by the middle ages it had become a kingdom. Some of its monarchs’ names are still familiar to every well-educated person, their stories still told in classrooms around the world. After a few hundred years, a civil war and a beheading, it was decided that the king’s council should be rearranged, and there should be elections. ... Read more

18 April 2010

Living with Firefox, 2004-2010

Well, it’s been a mostly enjoyable 5 or so years, but I’ve just ditched Firefox. Back in the mid 90s I heard rumors from Netscape people that their browser code was a barely maintainable mess. Apparently jwz didn’t believe in object-orientation, threads, or unit tests. Still, he thinks the code was fine until Collabra employees got their hands on it, and tried to turn the browser into a groupware suite. ... Read more

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