Privacy policy

My web site lets people log in using social network IDs, and the APIs for those logins allow access to a lot of data. In addition, Google wants all apps in the Play store to have a privacy policy. So, here is my privacy policy.

1. I don’t want your personal information.

The only use my site makes of social network logins is to fetch a name and e-mail address and verify that you’re probably a human being trying to post a comment. No other information is fetched; that’s all I see on my side of the screen.

My apps and other software make no attempt to obtain any personal information about anyone. I don’t sell any information I gain via the web to anyone.

2. If you send me information in e-mail, I’ll probably keep what you send me.

Disk space is so cheap that I tend to keep every direct e-mail I get from a human being. If for some reason you don’t want that, let me know.

3. Unless you say otherwise, I’m going to assume things you tell me aren’t secret.

That means if they’re really amusing or interesting, I might mention them to someone at a party. Though the chances are I’ll forget your name, because I’m terrible with names, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

4. I’ll do my best to keep secret things secret.

If you tell me something and say it’s private or secret, I’ll try to remember that. Of course, I can’t guarantee that the NSA aren’t spying on my web site.

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