New Mac

On average, computers last me for about 4 years. Last week, I was still using an 800MHz iMac. Partly this is down to my being frugal. It’s like the TV situation, where I didn’t buy the HDTV until my family visited and laughed at the 20″ TV, and seemingly made it die of shame shortly afterwards. Partly it’s because Macs remain usable longer than PCs. A PC Magazine survey found that Macs tend to last 3.

The great knock-off font swindle

When Apple launched Mac OS X, they made a big thing about its typographical capabilities. To show off the new type rendering engine, they licensed and bundled… More than $1,000 of the best fonts available today, including Baskerville, Herman Zapf’s Zapfino, Futura, and Optima; as well as the highest-quality Japanese fonts available, in the largest character set ever on a personal computer. It’s interesting to contrast this with Microsoft’s approach. Back when they launched Windows, they needed some fonts too.

Welcome to Adobe GoLive

If you search Google for “Welcome to Adobe GoLive”, you’ll get a ton of matches for web sites which were set up by people too incompetent to change the default text in the GoLive web site template. Ironically, the current #1 match is a web site containing cracked serial numbers for Adobe products.

Adobe vs Macromedia

A while back, Adobe sued Macromedia for patent infringement. Adobe had a software patent on customizable tabbed palettes. Macromedia responded by countersuing Adobe for using some stuff they had patented, including blended colors and visual editing of waveforms. Adobe won their lawsuit, and got a judgement of $2.4m. Bet they thought they were pretty smart, huh? Well today, Macromedia won the countersuit, and got a judgement of $4.9m. Bwahaha. Macromedia’s Fireworks quickly surpassed PhotoShop for creation of web graphics.

New England weather

Well, it was 36 celcius in the shade at 18:00. Apparently we’ve gone straight from winter to summer and skipped spring; a week ago it was regularly sub-zero. I got a really good deal on Corel Graphics Suite, via Big Blue. It’s buggy, but it’s OS X native, so occasional crashes aren’t a huge deal. It has full alpha channel support, transparency, and the preview engine of CorelDraw seems to use Quartz!

Machine translation

Some product at IBM was sent out with documentation that had been automatically translated to German by software. Unfortunately, when given the text: In order to read the user documentation, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If it is not installed, you will receive an error message. …it carried out a rather literal translation of “Adobe Acrobat Reader” and “user documentation”. The result, back-translated through Babelfish, was: