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Q: What are some good but not the usual types of dates? A: The Barhi date is superb in quality; the Deglet Noor is less sweet and somewhat dry in flavor. Q: Is it wrong to use Crisco as a lubricant? A: Yes, it’ll ruin your transmission. Q: what to use for black man hair loss? A: A Dustbuster? Q: What are some good tips to stop procrastination? […] Does anyone have any tips to help me buckle down and do some work?

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo added this area where people ask (mostly dumb) questions, and anyone can offer their (frequently uninformed) answers. It’s strangely addictive. It’s a bit like the Internet Oracle, without the stale old traditions said institution picked up over the years. I tend to alternate between useful and bizarre/smartass answers. Some examples of the latter: Q: What in your toilet can make the water blue? I haven’t put tabs in for months.