About those letters

The media are chattering about the handwriting on the deadly envelopes. About how it looks like the handwriting of someone who’s used to (say) Arabic. Well, to me it looks exactly like the work of someone who’s right handed, writing with their left hand so as to disguise their handwriting. Right down to the wobbly penmanship and the way the words slant down the paper to the right. Try it at home if you don’t believe me.

Safety hint

The CDC is actually advising people not to open packages marked “ANTHRAX”. So that’s what we’ve been doing wrong.

Anthrax thoughts

I read that inhaled anthrax initially has the same symptoms as the common cold. Yes, I’m a hypochondriac. It strikes me that if the terrorists had really wanted to attack the media elite, they could have just slipped anthrax powder into the US cocaine supply.