Feed readers that work with LJ protected posts

I’ve been testing to see which feed readers support authentication sufficiently to enable you to log in to LJ somehow and hence see LiveJournal protected posts in your web feed reader. Do work, by prior login: Sage. Akregator. Opera*. Safari*. Do work, by modifying URL: Mozilla Thunderbird. Do not work: Google Reader. Bloglines. Other people report that they work: FeedDemon. NetNewsWire. *Not tested, but I’m pretty sure they do because the feed reader code is part of the web browser.


I have great admiration for the guys at MIT who have come up with a way to make duplication-proof physical authentication tokens that are robust and cost pennies each. On a related note, MIT is starting to make all its course materials available free online. Which reminds me, it’s too long since I last browsed the MIT bookstore on the way home…