I am a stereotype

I put on my Birkenstock shoes, and my Birkenstock fleece jacket. I strapped on my cell phone, and went to Bread & Circus to get some food. I had a really healthy lunch involving tofu. I sat and looked around the eat-in area, and saw Cambridge parents with their children. I wondered how many of the children were desperately wishing they were a few doors down at McDonalds.

Relax and enjoy your shoes!

In case anyone’s slightly interested, my new Birkenstocks are Richmond in Cordura. I think I’m going to have to order a second pair and stash them away. See, when I listened to the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy radio series season 2, I didn’t feel that the whole Dolmansaxlil sub-plot was excessive at all. Like Douglas Adams, I had had the experience of walking the length of Oxford Street, visiting every wretched shoe shop, in the futile hope that one of them might have a pair that would actually fit my feet.