BitTorrent Sync

Once upon a time, there was a great product called BitTorrent Sync. It allowed you to sync files between your devices — computers, phones and tablets; Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS and Android. It was released as a free preview in 2013. It wasn’t open source, but developers said: Never say never :) We still consider this option. The software used strong end-to-end encryption, so your files couldn’t be snooped on in transit or grabbed from a central server.

BitTorrent Search Engine Dead Pool

Bram Cohen’s official BitTorrent search engine is now open. To celebrate this event, I suggest we have a contest to guess (a) the date of the first cease-and-desist lawsuit from the RIAA or MPAA, and (b) the date when the site gets shut down due to crippling legal costs. I’m predicting June 1st and October 1st, respectively.