Needing new luggage like a hole in the head

I’ve been listening to the Sawbones podcast, an often delightfully bizarre and disgusting discussion of bogus medical practices through history. (For instance, did you know that some plague doctors would treat bubonic plague by applying human feces to the wounds?) During the episode about trepanation I learned that a tumi is a blade used for early attempts at said procedure, as well as for general evisceration of sacrifices. This obviously left me wondering about the luggage company.

Thinking too much about Christmas carols

I have an issue with a Christmas carol I heard while driving. I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day; I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day in the morning. And what was in those ships all three, On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day? And what was in those ships all three, On Christmas Day in the morning? The Virgin Mary and Christ were there,

Equine surprise

For years I traveled everywhere in London using the London Underground. This meant that I ended up with a very disconnected mental map of the city. It was a bit like a video game world, where the parts you visit are mapped out in 3D, but the individual mapped areas are connected by doors that take you through empty unmapped space. Each time I accidentally ended up walking from one station to another I would connect two previously unconnected regions of knowledge, and the effect would be revelatory.

CFP: WG69 preliminary standards track meeting

ISO/IEC Working Group 69 will meet in June 2015 in Amsterdam. The meeting’s goal is to begin the discussion process for a new revision of ISO/IEC 58008: Sexual Fetishes and Their Encoding. As you know, the international standard list of sexual fetishes has not been revised since ISO/IEC 58008-1994 was finalized by WG69 in Tokyo, adding tentacles and related pseudopodia to the list. While the internationalization effort has been broadly successful, recent surveys of the World Wide Web have identified over a dozen new fetishes which cannot be adequately described using the standard keywords approved for adult sites.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist thoughts

Playing “Splinter Cell: Blacklist”. I love that the whole thing starts in Benghazi. (BENGHAZI!) The most unbelievable part of the whole scenario is that so many high level NSA and CIA operatives have Canadian accents. I kinda wish I hadn’t learned to spot Canadian, it has ruined Ubisoft games for me. The evil mastermind has an English accent, because obviously all evil people do. The next mission is in Dallas, so I’m wondering if I’ll recognize it at all.

Apparently the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet

IM chat just now: Scott: When are they installing the solar system? mathew: What? Scott: You still putting solar panels on your house? mathew: Oh, right. I was thinking cosmos. Scott: that is funny mathew: Like, that was installed tens of millions of years ago when the sun cooled. Scott: imagine all the permits that would be needed now mathew: “I’m sorry, you can’t build rings around Saturn, they’re not in keeping with the neighboring planets.

A back of the envelope calculation

I was watching my budgies the other day, and had a thought which led to a brief online investigation, followed by the following back-of-envelope calculation: According to a Boeing presentation on airline fuel efficiency that I found on the Internet, a 1% reduction in landing weight gives about a 1% reduction in trip fuel. A Boeing 747’s operational empty weight (with equipment, flight crew etc) is 390,700lbs. Subtracting that from its Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (max weight allowed before fuel is loaded) gives a maximum value for passengers and cargo of 144,300lbs.

Root of all evil

There’s no root of all evil these days. You’re supposed to create an EvilContextFactory to obtain an initial EvilContext, use that to get an EvilEnumeration, and then iterate through the EvilBindings in a thread-safe manner.