“Of Parrots And People” by Mira Tweti

Full title: Of Parrots and People: The Sometimes Funny, Always Fascinating, and Often Catastrophic Collision of Two Intelligent Species This is an important book. It’s not an easy book to read, by any means, but if you’ve ever considered getting any kind of parrot as a pet, you need to read this book. (Yes, the author’s real name is “Tweti”, and yes, it’s pronounced “tweety”.) There are estimated to be 50-60 million pet parrots in the USA.

Amazon review

[My review of Do As I Say (Not As I Do) : Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy] What is a book? It’s not merely ink and paper, what makes it a “book” is that it imparts information. Schweizer could have written such a book. He could have called it “Do as I say (not as I do): profiles in media hypocrisy”. He could have profiled hypocritical media blowhards of all kinds, and put his investigative journalism skills to good use.

Pale Fire

I feel I ought to mention that I finally read Nabokov’s Pale Fire over the course of our recent Minnesota trip. I don’t have much to say about it, except that I wasn’t expecting it to be as funny as it was. If you haven’t read it, well, you should… and it’s the kind of book that’s better the less you know about it beforehand. So just take my word for it.

Book review

I read a book called “How to Write Constructive Criticism”. It was crap.