Hail our glorious new democracy!

The US military is drawing up plans to keep insurgents from regaining control of this battle-scarred city, but returning residents may find that the measures make Fallujah look more like a police state than the democracy they have been promised. Under the plans, troops would funnel Fallujans to so-called citizen processing centers on the outskirts of the city to compile a database of their identities through DNA testing and retina scans.

Massachusetts property crisis

Crystal posts a link to a Boston Globe story about property prices in Massachusetts. Houses here cost so much because there are too few of them for all the people who have been drawn to Boston because it’s such a great place for great minds to do great things. But that reputation, which has kept Boston competitive all these years, is beginning to buckle under the weight of absurd home prices.

Cute neighborhood skunk

Boston Globe: Neighborhood skunk treated like pet By Associated Press, 6/9/2003 POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.—Residents on Willow Street in this southeast Missouri town find the skunk roaming their neighborhood charming and anything but a stinker. This skunk apparently likes people, even following neighbors around and brushing against their legs like a cat. Since making its presence known a couple of years ago, the olfactory-offending animal has become a fixture around Willow Street.


From The Boston Globe: Cut $9 billion from the Massachusetts budget and watch what happens: Doctors would make frequent and free house calls, the homeless would be sheltered by churches and private charities, and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created. Yeah, and winged monkeys would fly out of my butt, and Satan would start skating to work. All this according to Carla Howell, a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, who helped lead a successful drive to put a question on the Nov.