Storm in a D cup

The latest LiveJournal Abuse Team abuse is “nipplegate”. Someone on the Abuse team decided that female nipples were offensive. When this was challenged, the terms of service were promptly rewritten to retroactively justify the decision. (Which, if you’ll recall, is something I suggested as a resolution for my disagreement with the abuse team, and something they rejected out of hand and claimed wasn’t possible.) If anyone had any hopes that the purchase by sixapart would lead to a little more maturity and professionalism from LJ Abuse, it seems like that day is a long way off.

Vegas Day 2: The Strip

We wake up early, partly because of the 3 hour time zone shift, and partly because our room faces south and gets a spectacular view of the sun rising over the desert hills. We find the café on the casino level: Starbucks coffee, and the biggest bearclaws I’ve ever seen. Once we’re awake we return to the hotel room to get ready for the day. Sara turns on the TV to find the Weather Channel, and the first thing it blares out is that erotic movies are available on demand.

Latest terrorist threat

The latest terrorist threat is female human mammary glands. Apparently these objects are so dangerous that the mere sight of them can cause an entire airport to be shut down for ten minutes. If you are a woman and have breasts, please, for safety’s sake, keep them restrained in a reinforced brassiere where they can’t cause any danger.

Hooters of mass destruction

Airport security apparently demanded that a woman drink her own breast milk to prove that she wasn’t planning to use it to take over the plane in some kind of terrorist act of lactation. Maybe they’ve been watching too many Austin Powers movies and thought she was a fembot. “Excuse me, Ms. Tanner, are those things loaded?”