Dream blend

I was in a post-apocalyptic Texas. My mission was to broker piece between my village and a gang of nomadic gay vampires. It wasn’t just my blood they wanted to suck. My main concern was that I didn’t want to become Vampire+. I decided I preferred them to the cannibal UFO worshipers. Secret messages were being exchanged by using steganography to hide them in photographs of puppies. Details and algorithms were found in Bruce Schneier’s book “Look!


Bruce Schneier is launching a new symbol to represent concern for the rights of the individual. Spread the meme.

Provably unbreakable cryptography

Well, this is the most interesting thing I’ve heard about in a while: someone’s come up with a provably unbreakable encryption scheme that’s actually practical to implement. There’s an article in the New York Times about it; basically, the scheme goes as follows: Someone sets up a satellite to generate a stream of truly random numbers, synchronized to some appropriate time code. The sender and recipient exchange a secret using an existing public-key encryption scheme, or using some other secure channel.