Trans Canada Highway

When Boards of Canada started achieving prominence, it was common for people to post on the Internet about how much they were like Autechre. Even today, they’re often spoken of in the same breath. Yet I’ve come to see Boards of Canada as the opposite of Autechre. Autechre’s driving force—and crippling problem—has always been their perpetual desire for novelty. Their first album was fairly conventional, at least by the standards of electronica; perhaps because it was really a compilation of unrelated tracks, perhaps because they were extremely limited in the equipment available to them.

Montréal 0

The girl manning the customs and immigration checkpoint looked as though she was still in college. When she saw that we’d visited Canada before but had nevertheless decided to visit again, she was ecstatic, and gave us loads of maps and brochures and discount cards. She also seemed really excited that we were going to be arriving in the middle of St Jean Baptiste day, when the Québecois celebrate the founding of Québec.

Montréal 2

I noticed that the Fruitopia “Tangerine Wavelength” had been translated into French as “Tangerine Frequency”. I immediately thought that this must mean someone had managed to measure the speed of tangerine.

Montréal 3

The local delicacy is fève aux lard. Fève is broad beans, which have always been my #1 least favorite vegetable. Lard is lard. Clearly some strange new usage of the word “delicacy” etc etc.

Montréal 4

The people of Montréal drive like the French. For Americans, think “Boston drivers at double or triple the speed.” Canadians in Vancouver drive like lunatics as well; I think if I get one more data point from Toronto I’ll be ready to draw a more general conclusion.