Scan this, Nikon

The infamous Nikon scanner decided it didn’t want to scan any more. Or rather, it would scan, but the scan head wouldn’t move, resulting in some interesting modern art. I took the case off and looked for any obviously fixable mechanical problems, but couldn’t see any. It would probably be possible to get it working by disassembling the mechanism, but I’m not that mechanically oriented. It’s not like I’ve abused the scanner, and it has only had light residential use.

Camera populist

The most popular SLR on Flickr is the Canon Digital Rebel XT. The most popular point-and-shoot is the Canon PowerShot SD400. Guess which two cameras I use? It’s a bit of a surprise to me, because I generally don’t hold with the theory that the best product wins. However, perhaps it’s the case that the product that’s most popular with the kind of enthusiasts that post to Flickr, is the best.

PowerShot S400

I decided it was time for a digital camera upgrade. The PowerShot S100 has been a wonderful camera, but the new S400 has almost double the resolution, as well as more manual controls and a longer zoom lens with the same aperture range. The result seems to be insanely detailed pictures. With the full original files (1-2MB JPEGs) you can enlarge a photo of a squirrel to fill the whole screen and see every individual hair on his body.

Digital now clearly surpasses 35mm film

According to someone who’s compared, the new Canon EOS 1Ds blows away 35mm film, and is good enough that he’s abandoning medium format. I’m particularly impressed that it can take a picture of the milky way through an f/3.5 lens!

Digital vs film cameras

Canon are announcing a new digital SLR camera with 11 megapixel full-frame sensor. Well, that about wraps it up for film then. Now we just need the price to come down.

Digital camera progress

Well, it’s happened. Canon have introduced a digital SLR camera which matches the resolution I can get with 35mm film and a film scanner. In fact, it probably exceeds the resolution of film, as you don’t have grain, whereas grain is visible at that resolution with regular ISO 400 film. Now I just need to wait for the price to drop by a factor of four. So, two or three years.

Got a digital camera

Got a digital camera last weekend. The SLR is great, but I wanted something small to carry around places where I wouldn’t be bothered to drag an SLR. I also wanted to be able to take one or two pictures a week and send them to the family by e-mail. Resolution wasn’t a big concern, as long as I could get 4×6 prints for any shots the family really liked.