The Miracle of Birth, Part 2

One of the biggest problems in medical research is testing. When a disease only affects humans, animal testing is no use, and it’s often tough to get enough volunteers to test drugs which are possibly worthless, or even dangerous. The massive multinational GlaxoSmithKline faced this problem in 1995. They had a number of experimental AIDS drigs they needed to test, and they just couldn’t find enough volunteers. Happily, they were able to obtain assistance from the Catholic Church, who run an orphanage in New York called the Incarnation Children’s Center.

Catholic church claims right to ignore law

The Boston Archdiocese has come up with a new plan: they’re claiming that the First Amendment means that civil laws don’t apply to churches. Anyone still Catholic at this point? I ask merely out of curiosity.

Catholic scandal

More Catholic Church news: A Web site founded by a priest that featured images of young wrestlers in bikini briefs was voluntarily shut down after questions were raised about its content and purpose. The Junior Professional Wrestling Association site offered to sell photos and videos of the wrestlers, purportedly for charity. The site displayed teen-agers and young men with nicknames such as “Johnny Heartbreaker” and “Bad Brad” in wrestling poses.