Home alone

So, on Monday morning sara set off to catch a 10:00 flight to Chicago. At around 16:30, she called to tell me she was still at Logan airport. I’m sure she’ll have a few words to say about United Airlines when she returns. Monday was Patriots Day, notionally a holiday in Massachusetts. It was also a Bank Holiday in the UK. I decided to work anyway, as it was a good opportunity to roll out a redesign of a vital 3GB database while nobody was likely to be needing it.

San Francisco Part 2

We arrived at Logan Airport in plenty of time. Given that it was about 35 celcius, I felt it was justified to hire a cab rather than lug suitcases on the T. I did my usual thing and tried to remove all metal from my person and put it in a pocket of my carry-on bag, in a vain attempt to evade the metal detector. Unfortunately, something set off the doorframe detector, and I was given a severe wanding.

Minority Report

Was supposed to be going out on a boat last night, but there were storm warnings so the skipper cancelled. Mark called, and I ended up meeting him and sara downtown and going to see Minority Report. As a huge Philip K. Dick fan, I had to see it. I’d gathered that it was good from the reviews, but I wasn’t expecting too much. In the end, though, it’s probably one of the best movie adaptations of a Phil Dick story.

Pride 2002

Yesterday was the Boston Pride March. I’m happy to report that Dan looks much nicer in person than in his scary mugshot photos. We went ahead a block or so and watched the parade until the BRC contingent reached us, then joined the parade. I took one end of the banner after a while. There’ll be some photos once I get up and plug in the camera… Mark was with Slice of Rice, the queer Asian group he’s involved with.

The Mothman Prophecies

Since I missed the MLK day holiday while I was down in Florida, I took a random day off today. I met up with Mark, and he took me to a restaurant in Chinatown and ordered something in Chinese. What turned up was a plate of some kind of dark green beans, a plate of crispy tofu, and some rice. It was good, as was the tea. Then he showed me a pastry shop that sells cakes comparable to Mike’s Pastry, but for under a buck each.