Idle thoughts at IHOP

It’s quiet this morning. I wondered if a game was on, but apparently it’s not football season. Perhaps people are at church and we’re just up earlier than usual? I have no idea when churches normally finish Sunday service in the USA. I’m told it depends on the church. This seems wrong. If there’s a British Standard for making a cup of tea, there ought to be an ANSI standard for going to church.

The Miracle of Birth, Part 2

One of the biggest problems in medical research is testing. When a disease only affects humans, animal testing is no use, and it’s often tough to get enough volunteers to test drugs which are possibly worthless, or even dangerous. The massive multinational GlaxoSmithKline faced this problem in 1995. They had a number of experimental AIDS drigs they needed to test, and they just couldn’t find enough volunteers. Happily, they were able to obtain assistance from the Catholic Church, who run an orphanage in New York called the Incarnation Children’s Center.