Cute / not cute

On Sunday, I was sitting in the living room when one of our female squirrels came to the back door and tapped on the glass to ask for food. Entirely too cute, so by way of balance here’s a cockroach story: This morning rothko found a cockroach in her shoulder bag. So of course, she immediately said “Eww! Roach!” and tipped it out onto the living room floor, at which point it retreated to under the sofa.

May is here…

…and that means it’s roach season again. Our first wood roach of the year just visited. They live outside in the trees, which are quite delightfully wet right now due to the ongoing thunderstorm. There’s also lots of nice damp mulch out there, I bet they enjoy that too. Yes, I admit it, I squealed. While I’m getting used to the little buggers by now, the first one of the season is always an unpleasant surprise.


In case the cockroach wasn’t enough: We went to the Post Office. About a block away from our house, we encountered a car that had stopped to let a snake cross a driveway. The snake was about a meter long, brown, with diamond patterning. He didn’t seem to have a rattle. He probably eats squirrels… Update: probably an Eastern Hognose Snake.

archy r.i.p.

Summer approaches, and the cockroaches are emerging. Today one found his way into the bathroom. I had turned on the shower, walked into the bedroom and taken my clothes off, and when I turned around I saw him sitting on the door frame, waving his antennae gently. This presented a problem. I have learned that the thing to do with cockroaches is to squash them very, very quickly, as they are alert and speedy little buggers.

Maybe we were insane after all

Sara just found our first Texas cockroach. Meanwhile, I seem to be allergic to the Southern live oak, which is not exactly ideal given the location of our house. On the plus side, the cockroach was nowhere near the kitchen, and my allergic reaction isn’t as bad as it was from being allergic to maple and living in New England.