Fanta über alles

A few days ago I woke up and was thinking about caffeinated beverages, when I vaguely remembered how the current attempts to revive the Fanta brand were covering up the sinister secret–that Fanta was actually a drink invented specifically for Nazi Germany. I mentioned this to sara. We laughed, both agreeing that it was obviously some crazy stuff I’d come up with in a dream. Coke sponsoring the 1936 Nazi Olympics.

Diet Vanilla Coke

I have a bottle of Diet Vanilla Coke. I didn’t buy it; included it in our order as a free sample. I don’t drink Coke. Don’t like the stuff. But I’ve tried Vanilla Coke, and the added vanilla makes it bearable. I don’t drink diet drinks at all, though. Nevertheless, I’m tempted to drink the bottle of Diet Vanilla Coke. Because I’m too cheap to let free food or drink go to waste.