Laughing stock

The following are subjects requested from various image and stock footage archives over the last two years. The requests were made by researchers, TV and film producers, and teachers. The list was compiled by William Cole, a New York documentary producer. Hitler in his bunker. The Titanic sinking. Slaves working in the fields. First hot-air balloon ascension. The Industrial Revolution, especially trains (circa 1830). The American Revolution. Columbus discovering America.

This be the verse

Police said a mother pretended her 7-year-old daughter had leukemia to get donations, shaving the girl’s head and giving her sleeping pills. “She said it was a little white lie that got out of control,” Sgt. David Reese said Thursday about the woman, Teresa Milbrandt. The 35-year-old woman received more than $10,000 from businesses and residents of this community about 40 miles northwest of Columbus, estimated police Lt. Garry Kimpel.