At Staple! (the Austin Independent Media Expo), I met rkmilholland, creator of Something*Positive and various other web comics. He asked if I read the comic. I said (truthfully) that I had read a few. He said thanks, and asked if he could draw me something. Obviously, I suggested a parakeet. He didn’t seem really sure on what a parakeet looked like, so I said to go with a parrot. I suddenly find myself wondering if the real-life PeeJee isn’t the Asian girl with blue hair who used to hang around Diesel Cafe in 2002-2003.


I think it was Gareth who introduced me to Larry Marder’s Beanworld. I have managed to collect the four books put out by Beanworld Press, two of them autographed. It’s my favorite comic book, and I’d love to recommend that everyone dash out and buy book one and start reading, but that might be a little difficult as copies currently go for anything from $50 to $200. There’s good news, however.

Asininity for all

What would you get if some neocons decided to create comic books to tell the truth about the liberal menace? You’d get something like this: Extract from Liberality For All. I’d like to think that the authors are actually writing it as a sophisticated parody of the right wing mindset, taking the lunacy heard on Fox News and imagining if it were true, and selling it to a gullible conservative audience.