Bunch of Yahoos

In April 2004, a Communist Party official told Chinese journalist Shi Tao how to report the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre. Shi Tao took notes at the meeting, wrote up what he had been told to write, and e-mailed a copy to a pro-democracy web site in New York. Unfortunately, Shi Tao used Yahoo web mail to send his e-mail. When the Chinese government approached Yahoo and asked them to reveal the personal information of the person who had signed up for the account, they gladly did so.

The peace conspiracy

Last night on IRC, someone was ranting about how all the peace protests were actually just a front, and that they’d been organized by… …the Communist Party. I was told that peace protestors are all brainless dupes who have been fooled by Communist propaganda, and that the main source of propaganda in America is the Workers World Party. Apparently the WWP are the organizers of all the peace protest, and they’re doing it to support Saddam Hussein.

An education they’ll never forget

XQ is in Neuruppin working as a Fremdsprachenassistentin, or foreign language assistant, to get experience in teaching before continuing her teacher training. For the teachers at the schools in Neuruppin, it’s been a bit of a shock. They’ve never had a native English speaker in the town before, and initially they were worried that the West German government was planning to replace them with foreigners or show them up as incompetent.