It’s something I’ve wanted to see happen for a couple of decades now, and finally it’s happening: Intel are getting their asses handed to them by a better CPU maker, in this case AMD. If you weren’t in the computer industry in the 80s, you might not be aware that IBM picked the x86 processor series for the IBM PC specifically because it sucked. IBM sold lots of high end workstations and word processing systems, and made good money doing so; the last thing it wanted was for the PC to eat into that market.

Vanishing web providers I have known

Well, it appears I’ve landed myself in the middle of an Internet fraud. The web hosting provider I was using, which vanished overnight, is supposedly one of the numerous web hosts set up by someone known as “Shang”… and also known as Josuee Shang, Joe Shang, Joe Sheikron, Josuee Ortiz, Joe Guadalupe and Joshua Shang Ortiz. It gets weirder. His step-father is apparently named Daniel Milk, and is a VP at Compaq who managed to lend his son a bunch of Compaq machines to start his hobby web hosting business with.


Went to see Solaris with Mark last night. I liked it. It could definitely have been edited down a bit more, but I wonder if doing so would have broken the mood. There weren’t any specific scenes that were unnecessarily long; it was more a matter of five seconds here, two seconds there, replacing the pan with a jump cut… The naturalistic pacing did give it a good sense of indeterminate time, though: the feeling that Kelvin might have been on Solaris for days, weeks, maybe even months.

PC repair work

Mark came over, bringing his Compaq PC which has been behaving oddly. A little exploration revealed that all kinds of vital files had been deleted from the hard drive—some DLLs needed for Windows domains, a few key bits of Internet Explorer, and the whole of Outlook Express, for example. After half an hour or so fiddling with the Network control panel, rebooting, then fiddling with it some more, I managed to get the machine to request an IP address and join the network.

Recessionwatch Update

Job losses over the last few weeks: Motorola: 4,000 jobs today, for a total of 22,000 since December. Lucent: 16,000. Verizon: 10,000. Nortel: 10,000. Compaq: 5,000. Intel: 5,000. Xerox: 4,000. Gateway: 3,000. Hewlett-Packard: 1,700. Dell: 1,700. Amazon: 1,300. 3com: 1,200. Oracle: 800 It’s also rumored that Sun are planning to ditch 10% of their employees, and Cisco are giving 5-10% of their staff unmatchable targets so they can force them to resign without calling it a layoff.