Nice “work” if you can get it

Total current budget for Maine nuclear inspectorate: $276,000/year. Number of employees: 2. Salaries: $71,000/year for nuclear safety inspector, $76,000/year for his advisor. Year when safety inspector job was supposedly eliminated: 2005. Total nuclear facilities in Maine: 0. [source ] Salary of Clerk of Court in Pasco, Florida: $136,576. Number of days you have to fail to bother to turn up in order to be sackable: 44. Resulting number of days of work required per annum: 8.


Now that we’ve all accepted torture as a legitimate tool of the US government, the question is simply when it’s appropriate. The answer seems to be: pretty much any time the government doesn’t like what you’re doing. Navy Veteran Donald Vance became aware of illegal arms sales in Iraq—land mines, rocket launchers, that sort of thing. He reported it to the FBI. In return, he was imprisoned as a “combatant” for 97 days and tortured.