Unicode proposal

Proposed implementation UTI #2, Unicode Bristol Scale Encoding Status: Open Originator: http://meta.ATH0.com/ Date: 2016-02-18 Description of issue: The Unicode Technical Standard has (since Unicode 6.0) listed the code point U+1F4A9 as “Pile of Poo”, and it has proven very popular. However, there are two issues with its current implementation in contemporary operating systems. The first issue is that one vendor opted to place eyes and a smiling face on the poo.

Quote of the week

Texan straight talk: Let’s face it, we’re not changing the world. We’re building a product that helps people buy more crap—and watch porn.” —Bill Watkins, CEO of Seagate But I still say they’re the best hard drives.

Book review

I read a book called “How to Write Constructive Criticism”. It was crap.