Apparently Sunday was a bit of a slow news day for the Dallas/Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I have to wonder how their graphic artist reacted when asked to draw the all-important inset map. Monday was somewhat more exciting, for me at least. I went to put on the usual “I’m a responsible adult with a job” clothes, and discovered that the pair of khakis I had grabbed and stuffed into my case were too small.

Bigger than France

I’m in Dallas for a business event. I decided to drive up, rather than deal with airlines and security and all that hassle. Average travel time by air is 1 hour. Add in 1.5 hours at the airport, and a 3.5 hour drive starts to look pretty attractive. A good way to get a feel for the size of Texas is to drive across it. A good way to get a feel for Dallas Fort Worth airport is to note that it’s larger than the whole of Manhattan island.

Snail mail

I ordered a book online. It was dispatched from Dallas, TX, zip code 75199, on October 10th. It arrived a few minutes ago. According to Google Maps, it traveled approximately 225 miles. It took 20 days to do so. That means it moved at an average speed of just under 0.5 mph. A human can walk around 20 miles per day. So it would literally have been faster for me to walk to Dallas, buy the book, and walk back, resting in hotels along the way as necessary.

Strange but true

Boston and Dallas were designed by M.C. Escher. More such stuff at Also fun is to compare and contrast Newsweek international edition with Newsweek USA. Don’t forget the ongoing linkfeed.

The L word

You’ve all seen that “looter” is an irregular verb for white people in the media: “I am commandeering essential supplies, you are finding essential goods, they are looting”. You’ve also all seen the compassionate Conservatives criticizing people for not evacuating. Here’s something new: calling people looters for stealing an abandoned bus in order to evacuate. Ask yourself this: If I were in New Orleans wading through sewage-filled water and dodging bullets, if I’d waited days to be evacuated by the authorities but seen no action on their part, would I steal a bus to survive?


It appears I have located another job within IBM. What’s more, it’s one that’s entirely suited to my skill set, in the technical sales part of the organization. My appetite has come back with a vengeance. On Saturday we went on a day trip to Dallas. Kind of insane if you look at the map, but [rothko] had a business meeting, and I didn’t want her to have to drive for 8 hours given her tendonitis.


Trying to decide whether to make a day trip to Dallas on Saturday. I’ve always kinda wanted to go see Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll, but I expect it’s something of a disappointment in real life.

Vegas again

Well, here I am back in Las Vegas for another big IBM event. The flight here was pretty uneventful, except that I was so early to the airport that I was able to get bumped up to a standby seat on an earlier flight to Dallas, giving me time for a relaxed (albeit crappy) lunch. When I arrived at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas, they didn’t have a reservation for me.

Travel ambitions [updated]

A question from Dan What are the top ten places you want to visit before you die (they can be places you’ve already been, if you want to go back)? Well, I don’t keep a list, so I might miss a few important ones, but here are ten… I’d like to go to Japan. I think it would probably require that I be accompanied by someone who spoke some Japanese, however.