Not going deaf for a living

Well, at the weekend I had my first SXSW experience, and it was a good one. Last year I managed to miss John Watts, but this year I was prepared. We went to The Hideout downtown about an hour early, and waited in line. The rule was SXSW badges first, then wristband holders, then if there was still space in the venue proletarians could pay $8 each to get in.

OK, Sigmund, analyze this

Last night I had this dream that we found an obscure CD by some guy who, when he was 44, was convinced that the early Depeche Mode had stolen his sound. He had then spent 20 years in the studio trying to finish his one unfinished pop single. Eventually a disgusted studio engineer had released it as a bootleg CD. And we bought it, and played it, and it was crap.