Another interesting flaw has been discovered in the Diebold paperless voting machines used in many US states. The Diebold machines are supposedly secure because they run software from an EPROM, software that has been independently audited and certified for use by election board officials. Except it turns out that if you change a single jumper inside the machine, it will boot any code you care to supply on a standard flash memory card instead.

Will your vote be counted?

The Black Box Voting web site has revealed that there’s an interesting ‘defect’ in the Diebold GEMS voting system’s central tabulator. If you enter an appropriate two-digit code into a hidden part of the system, the software creates a second database of votes. The second set of votes can be edited without any safeguards, and the voting system will report the final tallies from the bogus database rather than the one containing the real votes.


First, a tale of true love: It was, “Let’s see if you can do some of the best action ever filmed and, if you can’t, you’ll know you’re not as good as you think you are, you have limitations, stick to dialog.” I was daring myself to hit my head on the ceiling of my talent. —Quentin Tarantino Anyway, yesterday I spent over an hour walking, as part of stage one of my plan to get fit.

In case you missed it

The source code for the Diebold touch-screen voting systems being installed in the US was accidentally left on an unprotected FTP server. It turns out that there’s a back door in the code, and it’s trivial to tamper with the results.