OK, I think I now realize why I’m the only one surprised that digital photography has changed things so much. Dan wrote: In my experience, most people can’t count on getting more than 2-3 usable prints out of a roll of 27 shots. Wow. If I only got 2-3 usable shots out of a roll, I’d have given up photography a long time ago. Let’s consider our recent Extreme Squirrel Feeding outing.

The new photography

Now that I’ve been participating in Flickr for a while, I’ve realized that digital technology has fundamentally changed the nature of photography. Perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right places, but I don’t recall seeing any discussion of this amidst the hype about Things Digital. On the face of it, digital cameras shouldn’t have been that big of a disruptive factor. Film cameras were so cheap they were given away as promotional items, whereas digital cameras were hundreds of dollars.

Camera porn

Sony have announced the DSC-F828 digital camera. The details to drool over: Carl Zeiss T coated Vario-Sonnar lens*. It’s f/2 to f/2.8 / 7.1, with a zoom range equivalent to 28-200mm (7x). The T* coating cuts lens flare and reflections. CompactFlash slot. Yes, finally Sony give in and support CF. 8 megapixel. 3,264 x 2,448. That’s better than ISO 400 35mm film. Four color CCD. Sony have added blue/green sensors to the CCD grid, for better resolution at the frequencies where the human eye is most sensitive—which means more accurate and natural-looking colors.

Digital now clearly surpasses 35mm film

According to someone who’s compared, the new Canon EOS 1Ds blows away 35mm film, and is good enough that he’s abandoning medium format. I’m particularly impressed that it can take a picture of the milky way through an f/3.5 lens!

Digital vs film cameras

Canon are announcing a new digital SLR camera with 11 megapixel full-frame sensor. Well, that about wraps it up for film then. Now we just need the price to come down.

Digital camera progress

Well, it’s happened. Canon have introduced a digital SLR camera which matches the resolution I can get with 35mm film and a film scanner. In fact, it probably exceeds the resolution of film, as you don’t have grain, whereas grain is visible at that resolution with regular ISO 400 film. Now I just need to wait for the price to drop by a factor of four. So, two or three years.

“Flash! I love you flash! But I’m not sure I need 128MB…”

I ordered 64MB of CompactFlash memory for the digital camera. After a couple of days I hadn’t heard from the vendor that it had been shipped, so I sent them an e-mail asking what had happened. Come the weekend, I gave up and bought two 32MB cards at CompUSA instead. On Monday I called the vendor to cancel the order, and discovered that they’d shipped it the previous Thursday, but hadn’t read their e-mail for two days.