Costa Rica: General travel tips

In this article, I’m going to cut to the chase and provide my general tips for anyone considering a trip to Costa Rica. Navigation First of all, get a GPS. A good one, with batteries that will last all day. You’ll probably want it to be water-resistant as well. We have a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx, which fits the bill perfectly. It’s rugged, waterproof, runs for over a day on two AA cells you can buy at any store, and has a transflective LCD screen that is readable in anything from bright sunlight to pitch darkness.

Something to look forward to

It’s called XDR-TB, eXtreme Drug Resistant TuBerculosis. It’s spread by droplets in the air—perhaps by a cough or a sneeze. There are no drugs to treat it. 98% of those infected, die within two weeks. Currently in South Africa, but perhaps coming soon to a homeless person near you.