Jam tomorrow

Today I got to try a demo of Jam Sessions, a new game for the Nintendo DS from Ubisoft. It’s due out in a month or two. It’s basically a guitar synth. The buttons are used to “finger” different chords, then you pluck a virtual string displayed on the touch screen. You can use a real guitar pick, even. The sound quality was pretty good. I have Electroplankton, and the sampled sound on that is pretty ropey.

Nintendo DS Lite thoughts

I was very skeptical of the Nintendo DS when it came out. A touch screen seemed like a reasonable idea, but putting two separate screens in a handheld seemed like a gimmick. My skepticism was also likely due to my disappointment with the Game Boy Advance. There are some truly great games for it—Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Wario Ware—but they are far outnumbered by the endless Pokemon games and lame movie and TV tie-ins.

Animal Crossing

Anyone I know play Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS and want to visit via Nintendo’s Internet service?