Clockfuckery day

Another clockfuckery day has come and gone. Like Donald Trump, daylight saving time started as a joke, but our political system somehow ended up taking it seriously. While DST is obviously stupid, regular time zones are pretty annoying too. I’m not the first person to have considered switching to UTC and being done with them. This year the Washington Post discussed the idea as proposed by an economist and astronomer.

Time and energy wasting time

Once again it’s that time when we have to adjust dozens of clocks in the devices in our homes, in the pointless exercise in government stupidity known as Daylight Saving Time. A few things to remember: Farmers don’t like it, and a number of recent studies suggest that it wastes energy. Even those who believe it saves some energy, like California’s energy utilities, generally conclude that having DST all year would save more energy than changing the clocks twice a year.

DST is a waste of money

From the Wall St Journal: Up until two years ago, only 15 of Indiana’s 92 counties set their clocks an hour ahead in the spring and an hour back in the fall. The rest stayed on standard time all year, in part because farmers resisted the prospect of having to work an extra hour in the morning dark. But many residents came to hate falling in and out of sync with businesses and residents in neighboring states and prevailed upon the Indiana Legislature to put the entire state on daylight-saving time beginning in the spring of 2006.

Oh, well done Sun

You know how DST rules for the USA have been changed this year, and every OS needs patches? You know how Java doesn’t use the OS’s info, so you have to patch all your Java VMs separately? Well, it turns out that Sun’s “fix” was broken, in that it changed the behavior of the (deprecated) 3-letter time zones EST, MST and HST so that they now no longer reflect daylight saving time at all.